The Groovy Project Management 7-Week Coaching Program

Let’s face it… our time is limited and so are our attention spans.

Every day we are bombarded with opportunity after opportunity claiming to be the perfect solution to our needs.

Millions of entrepreneurs are competing with each other for an ounce of your awareness in what it is they are trying desperately to sell you on.

There’s an endless supply of “easy solutions” to your success awaiting your credit card.

As DREAMERS ourselves we set out with a goal in mind, doing our best to stand out from the crowd, eager to complete the next best thing since sliced bread…
…but the road to accomplishment is wrought with turbulence, obstacles, sufferings, and unreachable budgets.

We stumble, often, and, more so than not, find ourselves abandoning our dreams and settling for “magic bullet” claims.

Why? Why do we set out with the best of intentions, but, when the going gets tough, we abandon all hope and fall back on old habits to distract us from what truly matters… believing faster, easier, instantaneous solutions to our needs are just one resource or opportunity purchase away?

The side effect of this turns into competing products and services looking identical to each other, originality gets tossed out the implementation window, and our rising credit card debt takes precedence over dream-achieving profits.

It’s a sickness, and most of us suffer from it.

Our lack of consistent focus prevents us from pulling together the larger-scale projects usually required to really make a difference in our lives.

As dreamers we have the visions but usually that’s where the fun ends. Our lack of long-term commitment tends to prevent overall Grooviness with our projects.

So where do YOU stand among the billions of others out there doing whatever it takes to “make a living”?

Are you feeding the sickness or are you doing what you can to really make a difference?

My name is Chris Darroch Biggs, and I’m someone who does what he can to make a difference.

I faced all of this many times throughout my life, determined to master my “self” along the way.

In doing so I have come to learn who I am on many different levels as well as found the key ingredients required for mastering any project / opportunity I choose to engage in.

I’ve worked in numerous industries, ranging from sh!tty labor jobs to successful entrepreneurial dream realizations.

I’ve endured stupid, self-absorbed people… but also partnered with wonderful co-workers, business owners, and friends.

I’ve been $26,000 in business debt and paid it off instead of filing for bankruptcy.

I’ve made movies and artworks and ebusinesses and the list goes on and on.

When it comes to getting things done I know what it takes; I know what it’s like to work on projects spanning 20 years and still passionately take it step-by-step along the way to get it done.

I know what it’s like to lose everything, from girlfriends and homes and friends and cash-flow… but still come out on the other side ahead.

I also know what limits us, why we fail, and what truly is behind real success and dream manifesting.

Are YOU working on a project? Trying to conceive of one? Trying to balance all areas of your life around your project or business or employment or student ventures?

Becoming overwhelmed with the magnitude of what it takes to conceive, complete, and then live with the results of a dream project manifested?

The struggle for us all IS REAL.

The time has come to take hold of the wheel and drive your freight train of a life instead of letting it run away from you, unchecked and unguided.



It was created from my six-year experience as a project manager in a 2.1 Billion Dollar per year International Corporation, combined with an additional 12 years of my own entrepreneurial endeavors, and as author of “Gettin Back Into The Groove”.

The Groove is a Powerful Success Philosophy for Maintaining Harmony across all areas of life while utilizing a Unique System for Rapid Achievement. It is THE backbone to achievement, acting as the foundation to any form of personal success. Without this starting point, all forms of learning and advancements will be misaligned with one’s true purpose. It is perfect for entrepreneurs, students, project managers, employees, leaders, and dreamers alike.

Throughout this program I will be ingraining into you the fundamental key ingredients required for transforming you into a happier, healthier, wealthier POWERHOUSE of an existence… that is capable of creating more rewarding relationships, capable of achieving your dreams, and capable of sustaining a greater level of fulfillment and satisfaction day in, day out, for the rest of your life!


Cool, right?

If this speaks to you in any way please contact me here so we can begin your qualifying interview process!

Looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams,

Chris Darroch Biggs


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