Dreamers Unite!

Dreams open our hearts and minds into a new world of possibilities. Limiting beliefs, habits, activities, and intentions tend to force us to evolve past them. Love, light, forgiveness… all one and the same. Ascension is healing. Community is freeing.

Dreamers… I’d like to invite those seeking to balance their lives with dreams and enlightenment to a wonderful webinar event:

“The 7 Keys” with Sarah Stuart.


Amazing, powerful, and freeing stuff…. see you there!

RideTheGroove is LIVE!

We are Live!

After 10 years in “official” development… 5 years of evolving… 6 months being created / coded… The Groove has a new home! The book is now free for anyone who wants it!

That’s right… the book that started it all, that has helped thousands of people around the world, is now available within its very own membership website.

Before Facebook, Twitter, Digg, The Secret… there was an underground little ebook that got into the hands of many of the top internet marketers of the world back in 2004. Close to 3000 of them to be exact! The ball started rolling… and look at where we are today!

The official launch is now complete and many people are enjoying what the membership has to offer. There are still ongoing activities to help build the community as well as to help spread the word about the doors now being “officially” opened to the general public. We appreciate all feedback received and encourage it often.

If you are new to RideTheGroove, please head on over to the main page at http://ridethegroove.com and sign up for a free member account where you’ll get access to the book that started it all… “Gettin Back Into The Groove of Gettin Back Into The Groove”!

So What is The Groove?

“The GROOVE is the natural flow of oneself; one’s true essence when everything about the self (all its instincts, wisdom, knowledge, behaviors, and uniqueness) flows in natural purity, such that there is no hindrance, no holding back, no second guessing, no ignorance, no naïveté, no prejudice… just a natural oneness with the world and one’s place in it.”

The book itself allows one to dissolve all walls of perceived separateness WHILE achieving what they need to achieve. We all have a purpose… and this one makes it super easy to find YOURS… and then to act upon it in a lifestyle design, balanced way.

It was designed to be utilized often… to keep one in tune with their higher frequencies / harmonics as well as provide the best personal growth and business advice they could possibly receive… EVER!

It all begins with YOU… the Individual… and your point of view into the world.


Well, only you can decide that… so…

Surf’s up!

Chris Darroch Biggs

Pre-Launch Begins!

Welcome to RideTheGroove.com!

During the launch celebration, this blog will release a single section at a time.  Each experience will be completely different from the last. Please enjoy what it has to offer and share your feedback in the comments.

In addition, a super JV Launch team is also being organized. If you are interested, pop on by the SBP Contact form and say “yo”.

Until next time…

Surf’s up!